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Our organist - Keith Buxton - celebrates a very special anniversary

The parish is greatly blest by the skill and dedication of Keith Buxton, our organist. Today we celebrated the fact that Keith has been organist of the parish for 40 years - a very special anniversary indeed

Here is a little of his history. He graduated to the organ after taking up the piano aged 11. At the age of 14 he began playing in the parish church of Woodbastwick, where he grew up. In 1972 he moved to St Mary's Church in South Walsham. He spent 5 years learning further skills at the organ with the brilliant organist of St Peter Mancroft - Kenneth Ryder. At Epiphany 1975, Canon Michael McLean appointed keith as organist at St Peter Parmentergate. This included playing at St Julian's and, from 1980, at St John's Timberhill.

Keith Buxton - 40th anniversary.jpg

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