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Join us for Sunday worship

9am Low Mass at St Julian's

A quiet Mass to start the day, lasting about 40 minutes

11am High Mass at St John's

The main service of the week, lasting an hour and a quarter, followed by refreshments

6pm Evening Prayer (BCP) at St John's

A said service of Evening Prayer in traditional language, lasting about half an hour

...or any day of the week

The Mass

Monday 10am St Julian's

Tuesday 12 noon St John's

Wednesday 10am St Julian's

Thursday 12 noon St John's

Friday 5pm St Julian's 

Saturday 12 noon St John's

Morning Prayer

Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am St Julian's

Evening Prayer

Tuesday to Saturday 6pm St Julian's

The Holy Rosary

Monday 10.30am at St Julian's, following the 10am Low Mass

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