Everybody is welcome at all our services.

St John's, Timberhill is the main Anglican Church of the Catholic tradition in the heart of Norwich.  We are a Church Family of all ages and backgrounds, and we seek to offer uplifting worship, support and friendship, opportunities for service, and inspiration for daily living.  We try to live and share the 'abundant life' which Jesus came to bring.  The main service of the week is at 11am every Sunday, lasts about an hour and a quarter and is usually followed by refreshments.

The parish also includes St Julian's Church, which houses the site of the cell in which dwelt the Lady Julian of Norwich, anchoress and visionary, who lived here for many years from the 1390s.  Her Revelations of Divine Love, the earliest surviving book written in English by a woman, has become a spiritual classic known and loved by millions.  The Eucharist is celebrated at St Julian's every Sunday at 9am, and on weekdays too.

Services at St John's are held according to the modern rites of the Western Church, celebrated with traditional ceremonial.  At St Julian's the services are diverse and based on Common Worship.

Both churches are open every day for prayer, quiet and visiting, and for daily worship.  We welcome you to come in at any time to find peace and solitude in God's presence.


Please check the Newsletter for any alterations or call us.

Sunday services

Low Mass

9:00 am at St Julian's

High Mass

11:00 am at St John's

Evening Prayer (BCP)

6:00 pm at St John's

Weekday services

The Mass

Monday 10:00 am St Julian's

Tuesday 12 noon St John's

Wednesday 10:00 am St Julian's

Thursday 12 noon St John's

Friday 5:00 pm St Julian's 

Saturday 12 noon St John's

Morning Prayer

Tuesday to Saturday 8:30 am St Julian's

Evening Prayer

Tuesday to Saturday 6:00 pm St Julian's

The Holy Rosary

Monday 10:30 am at St Julian's, following the 10:00 am Low Mass