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About us

St John the Baptist is the main Anglican church of the Catholic tradition in the heart of Norwich.  We are a Church Family of all ages and backgrounds, and we seek to offer uplifting worship, support and friendship, opportunities for service, and inspiration for daily living.  We try to live and share the 'abundant life' which Jesus came to bring.

The parish also includes St Julian's Church, which houses the site of the cell in which dwelt the Lady Julian of Norwich, anchoress and visionary, who lived here for many years from the 1390s.  Her Revelations of Divine Love, the earliest surviving book written in English by a woman, has become a spiritual classic known and loved by millions.

Both churches are open every day for prayer, quiet and visiting, and for daily worship.  We welcome you to come in at any time to find peace and solitude in God's presence.

The Mass is celebrated every day either at St John's Church or at St Julian's Church - click here to see the times.  Services at St John's are held according to the modern rites of the Western Church, celebrated with traditional ceremonial.  At St Julian's the services are diverse and based on Common Worship.

We attract people from a wide area of Norfolk and Suffolk, and we welcome people of all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds - those who wish to discover Jesus Christ for the first time, and those who want to grow further in their knowledge and service of him.  At 11am on Sundays, our Parish Mass is enlivened by strong congregational singing and clouds of incense, symbolising our prayers rising to heaven.  Refreshments are always served after the 11am Mass and visitors are warmly invited to join us.  If you are worshipping with us for the first time, please introduce yourself to one of the Priests so we can get to know you.

The parish takes pride in celebrating the rhythms and seasons of the Christian year in all their fullness, beauty and power.  Details of any special services can be found in the Parish Newsletter.

St John the Baptist on Timberhill in Norwich is one of the smaller medieval churches in the city.  Although the 'long and short' work in the east wall indicates a date very soon after the Norman Conquest, the present church was largely built around 1420.  Once you step inside St John's, the modern, open interior is a reflection of an active and lively parish.

St Julian's Church suffered severe bomb damage during the Second World War, but largely due to the care of the Community of All Hallows Ditchingham, it has been restored and preserved. It functions both as a chapel-of-ease within the parish, and as a Shrine of international importance because of its association with Julian of Norwich.

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